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Normafibe **Natural Fibre daily Supplement** **500g**

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 Normafibe Natural Fibre daily Supplement 500g

Normafibe is a natural fibre daily supplement. Normafibe granules contain sterculia. A natural fibre product which does not produce flatulence and wind commonly associated with other types of fibre.

Directions / Dosage Direction for use:
1. Place dry granules in your mouth in small quantities if necessary.
2. Swallow granules with plenty of eater or cool drink, without chewing.
Adults: take 1-2 heaped 5ml measuring spoonfuls taken once or twice daily after meals or as directed.
Children (6-12 yr): take as directed by a doctor or pharmacist. When taking Normafibe, drink plenty of water and increase fibre in the diet.

Ingredients Sterculia 620mg/g. Contains sucrose. Normafibe is gluten free.

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