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LIMITED WINTER EDITION In Essence Ultra Sonic Vaporiser + Breathe Easy Oil 25ml

LIMITED WINTER EDITION In Essence Ultra Sonic Vaporiser + Breathe Easy Oil 25ml

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*Limited Winter Protect Edition*
Ultra Sonic Vaporiser & Breathe Easy Oil Blend 25ml

Pack contains Ultra Sonic Vaporiser + Breathe Easy Oil Blend.

The Ultra Sonic Vaporiser and Breathe Easy Oil Blend are the perfect duo to protect you and your family this winter.
The Breathe Easy Oil Blend contains pure essential oils of Pine, Mint and Eucalyptus - ideal for relieving symptoms of colds and flu, hay fever, mild upper respiratory infections, mucous congestion and sinusitis.

Active Ingredients:

Mentha arvensis leaf 375mcl/mL, Eucalyptus globulus twig leafy 250mcl/mL, Pinus sylvestris twig leafy 375mcl/mL


Important: Prior to use refer to leaflet inside product box for applications and further information.

Mini Ultra Sonic Vaporiser:
  1. Place on a flat surface in a safe and convenient position
  2. Twist gently to remove the cap off the main body. Attach the USB cable to the DC socket on the bottom of the unit. Plug USB cable into electrical outlet such as your computer.
  3. Fill with water to the line. Add 6-9 drops in total of your favourite In Essence pure essential oils. Replace the cap, ensuring the two dots are aligned.
  4. Press down on the Mist button, pressing each time to select mist operation time (3 levels). 2 hours max.
  5. Press the Light button to select the LED light setting. Brightness can be adjusted between high and low.

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