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Genuine 3M Futuro Thumb Deluxe Stabiliser Relieve Joint Pain Sizes S-XL in Black

  • $3295

Helps stabilize the lower thumb joint, to help relieve pain associated with texting and gaming or arthritis
  • Comfortable thumb sleeve and strap for customizable support
  • Two stays for stability
  • Durable, non-elastic lacing system with hook tab provides easy, one-step application and adjustability
  • Low profile allows for free movement of remaining fingers
  • Soft, breathable, durable materials
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Use on right or left hand


  • Body Part Thumb
  • Color Black
  • Injury Arthritis, Repetitive Stress Injury
  • Product Type Brace
  • Size Large/Extra Large, Small/Medium
  • Support Level Moderate-Stabilizing
  • Support Level Description
    Provides fitted and anatomically correct stabilizing support to help relieve symptoms associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries and to help prevent re-injury. Flexible stabilizers may be removable and customizable for comfort.
  • Use For Arthritis, repetitive stress injury, degenerative joint disease of the thumb
How to Wear
  • 1. Open hook-and-loop wrist strap and thumb strap. Slide hand into brace and thumb into thumb hole.

  • 2. Wrap wrist strap around wrist and secure at the base of the wrist. Adjust until fit feels firm, yet comfortable.

  • 3. Wrap and secure thumb strap around thumb for better fit, or along base of thumb for added stability.

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