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Genuine 3M Futuro Precision Fit Ankle Support Provides compression and support

Genuine 3M Futuro Precision Fit Ankle Support Provides compression and support

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FUTURO™ Precision Fit Ankle Support

Whether you're running errands or running a 5K, the FUTURO™ Precision Fit Ankle Support helps give your ankles the support they need. The advanced technology in this ankle wrap uses engineered breathable, high performance materials to provide compression and support for ankles in your active life. So whether you're crossing the finish line or buying that loaf of bread, you're covered.

Body Part‎  Ankle‎
 Injury‎  General Soreness‎ ,  Tendonitis‎ ,  Arthritis‎ ,  Sprains‎ ,  Swelling‎
 Size‎  Adjustable‎
 Support Level‎  Moderate‎
 Use For‎  General soreness, sprains, arthritis, swelling, tendonitis‎

How to Wear

1. Position support with smooth side against skin. Place heel securely in loop. Pull support to side of foot and wrap over the top of foot toward inside of ankle.

2. Ensure that the woven area is at the front of the ankle.

3. Wrap support around back of ankle, then toward front of ankle. Attach hook fastener to support. Re-wrap support with varying degrees of tension until desired support and comfort are achieved.

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