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Genuine 3M Futuro Adjustable Reversible Splint Wrist Brace

Genuine 3M Futuro Adjustable Reversible Splint Wrist Brace

  • $3995

FUTURO™ Adjustable Reversible Splint Wrist Brace

Special Features:

Provides comfortable, moderate support and compression for injured, weak or post-cast wrists.

Use For:

Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sprains, arthritis

Product Type:


Features and Benefits:

  • Low-cut, ergonomic shape allows for free hand movement
  • Adjustable palmar stay helps provide moderate stability
  • Breathable, durable, soft and latex-free materials
  • Three hook and loop fasteners for adjustable fit
  • Easy sleeve design for effortless application
  • Use on left or right wrist
  • Sizing

    Available in the following sizes:

    Adjustable 14cm - 21.6cm



    How to Wear

    1. Open fasteners. Slide hand into brace, with metal splint positioned along palm of hand.

    2. Close center strap, then adjacent straps. Adjust all straps until fit is firm, yet comfortable.

    3. For Left Hand Use - Slide splint out of pocket. Hold splint steady, rotate the brace, and slide splint into opposite pocket opening. Tuck end of splint into pocket. Follow wear instructions above.

    Care Instructions

    Remove metal splint and close fasteners prior to washing. Hand wash with mild soap in warm (not hot) water. Rinse well and air dry.

    DO NOT: machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners.

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