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Futuro Stabilizing Back Support Lumbar Region Breathable Non-irritating Mat S-XL

  • $4995

Futuro Stabilizing Back

Provides support to a stiff, strained or aching back. Use when support is needed for daily activities or exercise.

  • Breathable materials for all-day comfort
  • Support cushion pads helps target sore, aching muscles without placing pressure directly on the spine
  • Adjustable for customized fit and support
  • Sleek, non-bulky design will not restrict movement
  • Back panel evenly distributes moderate support
  • Helps promotes proper back alignment
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Body Part Back
  • Color White
  • Injury Abdominal Support, General Soreness, Sprains & Strains
  • Product Type Brace
  • Size Large/Extra Large, Small/Medium
  • Support Level Moderate-Stabilizing
  • Support Level Description
    Provides fitted and anatomically correct stabilizing support to help relieve symptoms associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries and to help prevent re-injury. Flexible stabilizers may be removable and customizable for comfort.
  • Use For General soreness, sprains, strains, abdominal support
How to Wear
  • 1. Open main straps and detach side cinch straps. Center support along the lower back, with the Support Cushion™ pads on either side of the spine and the curved edge of the panel pointing downward.

  • 2. Wrap the main straps snuggly around the waist and secure the hook fastener over the stomach.

  • 3. Pull the side cinch straps forward and secure them along the front panels of the support. Adjust the placement of the cinch strap fasteners to achieve the correct level of support for your needs.


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