At The Circle Pharmacy, we have been serving the local community in Altona North, Newport, Spotswood and surrounding suburbs for over 30 years, providing a range of medicines, services like medication management and blood pressure testing, complimentary medicines, baby care, beauty and much more.

Did you know what Pharmacy Services we offer you every time we dispense a prescription?

Medicine advice and counselling, including advice about what the medicine is, how it works, how you should take it, and what possible side effects you may experience. Did you know that many prescription medicines are dispense each year and not taken correctly, which can lead to unwanted events and even hospitalisation?

Checking that the correct drug and correct dose has been prescribed and making sure the medicine is safe for you

Checking that the drug does not interact with any other medicines you may be taking or make any other condition you may have worse

Offer you the Consumer Medicines Information about the medicine

Store accurate records of prescriptions dispensed for Medicare

Records of Safety net totals and tax for families

Other ongoing services we provide:

Free Blood Pressure testing

Free local delivery

Storing prescriptions on file for you

eRx express – order your prescriptions via the eRx phone app and we’ll have them ready and waiting when you come in to collect

Home Medicine Reviews – ask us or your Dr if you have any concerns about how you are managing your medicines or how a loved one is coping at home with their medicines. There is no cost to the patient for this service

MedsCheck – This is a review of your medicines done by the Pharmacist in store. We help you to understand what the medicines are for, how you should be taking them, how they should be stored and what to expect from your medicines. There is no cost to the patient for this service.

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